What to look for when hiring a PPC company?

What to look for when hiring a PPC company?


Irrespective of whether you've previously worked with a PPC agency or this will be a novel experience for you; it's essential to understand a few thin

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Irrespective of whether you’ve previously worked with a PPC agency or this will be a novel experience for you; it’s essential to understand a few things before entering the deal. Chances are, they will be an extension of your marketing team, and you will be working closely with them to boost campaign success probability or tweak the strategy as and when necessary. Before recruiting the next PPC partner, here are a few crucial things to remember.

Budget & Return Of Investment

Your budget isn’t your primary goal, so don’t constrain it.

Let the Agency provide you with a rough estimate and ask them how this expenditure will help you achieve an impressive investment return.

An excellent PPC manager will know that it’s not about how much you spend, but about optimizing your finances for the best ROI.

If you achieve a good return when you splurge USD 3,000 per month compared to 500, it makes sense to invest that much.

For enterprises that provide monthly services, such as advertising agencies, you also need to consider the value of a customer’s lifetime. So, maintaining that acquisition until you have achieved a stipulated return on your investment is crucial.

Defining Goals

You want to ensure that you’ve set those definite expectations and goals right from the start. The moment you reach out to an agency, you need to have a complete sense of why you’re doing PPC. The approach goes a long way for your corporation and agency by empowering you to keep a pulse on progress, performance, or just fixing the course, as and when necessary. If you don’t have a clear-cut objective, you can’t score.


It is critical to know in the beginning what sort of reporting the PPC agency will provide. Also, have in mind how often you anticipate these statistics and updates to come from your service provider. Would you like a monthly report? Do you want a bi-weekly update from your consultant? Probably, just kind of a quick look at some of the metrics they’re watching over, or do you want to have regularly occurring meetings with your Agency? Maybe once a week, every two weeks, or once a month, to sort out the findings and share the strategic plan.

You must also clarify with the service provider on Agency’s reporting metrics and how they are aligned with your firm’s marketing objectives and goals. So, are they reporting something that’s absolutely unrelated to what your business has to offer? Is CTR crucial to you? Is CPC makes more sense? Or, are you merely interested to see how many leads they’ve been driving this month compared to the previous month, and at what spend? Will the results be measured all the way from the initial click to the conversion?

These are all critical questions that need to be asked in addition to asking to see illustrations of a dashboard and the reports that they’re going to produce— whether as an email synopsis or a more detailed PDF document.

Time management

What is more relevant than the price is the time that the Agency devotes to managing the PPC account. Suppose they are already overloaded with several projects and don’t invest the necessary time required to manage your campaign effectively; In that case, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure, right from the start.

Landing Page Creation

Relevance is an essential component of a successful PPC campaign because it impacts your overall quality score. In order to make your landing pages more pertinent, PPC agencies build them for relevant ad groups.

Landing page platforms such as Instapage, Unbounce, etc. are perfect for designing landing pages, especially for PPCs. When you’re in contact with agencies, ensure to find out how they’re going to create landing pages.


Look for a pay per click firm that is keen to include you during their strategizing discussions.

No matter how good Click Managers might be at spending right, they don’t know much about the inner workings of your business. They’re going to have queries that need to be addressed so that they can understand better how to sell your business.

An agency with a more integrated approach is going to be more useful for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO & PPC go together. You’ll profit more if you discover an agency that provides both the significant services under one roof, even when you are seeking someone to manage only your PPC campaign at the moment.

Having access to SEO data can aid in strengthening your PPC campaign, and vice versa.

Analysis & Consultation

Ideally, you should collaborate with an agency willing to offer you a free assessment or consultation before finalizing any business dealings with you. If they seem unwilling or hesitant in doing so, consider it as a major red flag.

Getting perspective of your account and discussing a strategy to achieve the highest results is crucial to building a productive PPC campaign.

Now that you recognize what to consider, it’s time to start looking for a perfect PPC management company for your business.

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